Disable WordPress Auto-Update Email Notifications

Ever since WordPress 5.5 you can now have your plugins and themes auto-update. This is a great feature to keep your site up to date and working properly. Especially if you have many sites you manage this is a welcomed feature. While this is a great feature if you manage a lot of sites the emails WordPress sends confirming automatic updates can become quite a lot.

Today I’ll show you how to disable the plugin/theme auto-update emails notifications using a plugin or PHP code snippet.

WordPress email notification about auto-updated plugins

Additionally I’ll show you how to disable email notifications for core updates as well. If you’re unfamiliar with that email it looks like this.

WordPress core auto-update emails

First I’ll show you how to disable these emails using a WordPress plugin.

Disable WordPress Auto-Update Emails with Plugin

If you aren’t familiar with adding code to your site the plugin “Disable auto-update Email Notifications” is the easiest way to disable these emails.

This plugin simply disabled the WordPress 5.5 auto-update email notifications when active so there is no setup needed.

If you need to disable automatic core update emails as well you can use the Manage Notification E-mails plugin. This plugin offers more control over automatic emails on your site but requires some simple configuration.

Code Snippet to Disable Auto-Update Emails in WordPress

These code snippets can be used in your theme’s function.php file or added to your site using a plugin like code snippets.

Disable Auto Update Plugin and Theme Emails:

This code snippet will prevent WordPress from sending emails notifying you of theme or plugin auto updates.

//Disable plugin auto-update email notification
add_filter('auto_plugin_update_send_email', '__return_false');
//Disable theme auto-update email notification
add_filter('auto_theme_update_send_email', '__return_false');

Disable Auto Update Core Emails:

Additionally if you also want to disable WordPress core update notification emails you can use the snippet below. These are the emails with “[Your Site] Your site has updated to…” in the subject line.

//Disable automatic "Your Site Has Been Updated..." emails
add_filter( 'auto_core_update_send_email', 'smartwp_disable_core_update_emails', 10, 4 );
function smartwp_disable_core_update_emails( $send, $type, $core_update, $result ) {
if ( !empty($type) && $type == 'success' ) {
return false;
return true;

Now that you’ve disabled automatic update email notifications in WordPress your inbox should be a little lighter. This can be a cumbersome email notification for anyone who manages a lot of sites.

Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

Andy has been a full time WordPress developer for over 10 years. Through his years of experience has built 100s of sites and learned plenty of tricks along the way.

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  1. Thanks for the simple instructions. I already had hundreds of wordpress alerts in Gmail in a few weeks, I had to look for a solution to limit it 🙂

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