Domain Name Generator

Having trouble finding an available domain name for your blog?
Use this handy tool to get free ideas for blog domain names.

1. Enter Your Domain Search

Type in your ideal domain name, or a few keywords that’ll help generate the best domain name ideas. It can be any mix of letters, real or even made-up words. Be unique!

2. Pick a Domain Name

Choose from all of the best domain names available from your search. You’ll get word combinations, ideas and relevant suggestions to pick from.

3. Register Your Dream Domain

Click the “Get it Now” button on your domain of choice to see more details and start the process of quickly registering your domain name (on a budget).

What is a Domain Name Generator?

A domain name generator is a tool that takes a couple of words you have in mind (that you’d like to incorporate in your domain name) and generates clever ideas for available domain names you can register as your website today. The best domain name generators, like the one we’ve built here, is intentionally designed to only identify domain names that are currently available to register, rather than giving you a bunch of suggestions that are no longer up for grabs.

Smart WP’s domain name generator goes beyond just suggesting smart available domain names though, and also links directly to a reputable domain registrar (or hosting company) where you can quickly register your new domain name idea—before someone else snatches it up.

How to Use the SmartWP Domain Name Generator

Using our free domain name generator is super easy. We built this tool to be clever and fast, so that you immediately get dozens of suggestions for available domain names right away. Let’s walk through exactly how to use our domain name generator to find your domain today:

1. Enter a few words you’d like to include in your domain name. Using the search bar at the top of this page, simply type in a few words that you’d like to include in your dream domain name. For example, if you want to start a travel blog and are here looking for the perfect domain name, you might type in something like “ryan’s travel tips” or “adventure with ryan” to see what kinds of suggestions the domain name generator comes back with. Once you’ve typed in a few words you’d like to be in your domain name, hit the Search Ideas button like so:

Enter your domain name keywords

2. Browse the available domain name ideas. Immediately after typing in your keywords and clicking the search button, you’ll be presented with dozens of (available) domain name ideas that you can register right this minute. Scroll down the page to reveal more available domains. If you’re not seeing any suggestions that feel right, then head back up to the search bar and type in a few alternative words—or possible domain names—that might generate some more available ideas.

Picking from your domain name ideas

3. Register your domain name before someone else does. We built our domain name generator to suggest a highly targeted list of only the most relevant available domain names, so if you’ve stumbled upon a good one—register it quickly before someone else does. To secure your new domain name, click the “View Details” button (in green) next to your domain of choice to head straight over to start the process of quickly registering your domain name with an affordable registrar.

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