Online Uptime Checker

Check to see if a website is up with our uptime checker. Just enter a domain name to see if it’s down for you or everyone.

Is it down, or is it just me?

Our free website uptime checker pings a website from our server to see if it’s reachable. Once a site returns a HTTP 200 status we mark the website as up. This tool is great for seeing if a website is down for everyone or just you.

The importance of website uptime cannot be overstated. Ensuring that your website is accessible to users at all times is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience and for maximizing your online presence.

The Importance of Website Uptime

Website downtime can have a significant impact on your business. It can lead to lost revenue, damaged reputation, and decreased search engine rankings. Users expect websites to be accessible whenever they want to visit, and any downtime can result in frustration and a negative perception of your brand. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your website’s uptime regularly to ensure that any issues are promptly addressed.

While our uptime checker doesn’t periodically check uptime you can find plenty of paid tools online that do that.


Monitoring your website’s uptime is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience, improving search engine rankings, and ensuring your online presence is always available. By utilizing our online uptime checker, you can quickly see if your website is down for just you or everything.

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