How to Find a WooCommerce Product ID (Step-by-Step)

Have you ever wanted to know a product ID in your WooCommerce store?

For every item you list in your WooCommerce shop, a unique identifier is assigned. This identifier often plays a critical role, especially when you want to feature a product or for other operational tasks.

This guide will walk you through the process of finding a product’s unique ID in WooCommerce seamlessly.

What is a WooCommerce Product ID?

WooCommerce stores all product details in the associated WordPress database. To ensure every product remains distinguishable, WooCommerce bestows each with a unique ID.

This methodology not only allows for easy product retrieval but also assists in order management and other backend tasks. There are instances, however, when one might need to extract a product’s unique ID, either for design purposes or to satisfy plugin requirements.

How to Find a Product ID in WooCommerce

Finding a product ID in WooCommerce is straightforward.

First, navigate to the ‘Products’ section and select ‘All Products’. This area will display the recently added items in your store.

When you hover over a specific product title, a few of options will show up below. Within these options, you’ll spot the product’s unique ID. For example, if you see “ID: 26510”, the number “26510” is the product’s unique identifier.

Product ID in WooCommerce

If your product list isn’t extensive, a quick scroll should reveal each product’s ID. For those with a more extensive inventory, the search feature will come in handy. You can also use the search in the product page to find an ID of a specific product.

Another trick is to tap on the ‘Edit’ option of the product. The subsequent screen’s URL will typically contain the product’s unique identifier.

Product ID in the admin dashboard URL

Finding a Product ID For a Variation Product in WooCommerce

Standard products have a singular ID, but what about products with multiple variations? In such cases, each variant carries its unique identifier.

Consider you’re offering a T-shirt in several shades: Red, Blue, Green. Each color variant will have a distinct ID.

variation IDs in WooCommerce

To fetch the ID for a specific variant, access the ‘Products’ section, choose ‘All Products’, and click the ‘Edit Product’ link associated with the product. In the subsequent editing interface, navigating to the ‘Product Data’ section will display each color variation alongside its respective ID.

Get Current Product ID (using PHP)

Of course like anything in WordPress you can use PHP to get a WooCommerce product’s ID.

global $product;
echo 'The current product ID is: '.$product->get_id();

Product ID vs SKU: What’s the Difference?

You’ll also notice that the UI in WooCommerce has an option to use a SKU. This is different than the product ID.

SKU, an abbreviation for Stock Keeping Unit, serves as a merchant-defined identifier, essential for inventory management or barcoding. In contrast to the automatically generated product IDs by WooCommerce, SKUs demand manual input.

SKU in WooCommerce

It’s worth noting that while not all products might possess or even require an SKU, every single item in your WooCommerce store will inevitably have a unique product ID.

I hope this short guide was helpful in understanding product IDs in WooCommerce. Whether you’re enhancing your store’s design or managing inventory, knowing how to locate these IDs will always come in handy.

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