How to Disable New User Notification Email in WordPress

If you have a WordPress site with a lot of users you will be extremely familiar with these emails.

These emails alerting you of a new user to your site can be extremely helpful but if you have users registering daily you might want to disable them.

Today I’ll show you two methods to disable new user registration emails in WordPress.

Disable New User Notification Emails using a WordPress Plugin

The easiest way to disable the new user notification email in WordPress is to use the Manage Notification E-mails plugin. This plugin will allow you to disable a slew of admin related emails.

After installing and enabling the plugin you’ll see a new option in your settings for “Notification e-mails”. Here you’ll be able to control a slew of WordPress email options.

While this plugin lets you disable options like password changes, new user notifications to users, and forgotten password emails we’re going to focus on the admin user notification option at the top of the page.

Unchecking the option for “New user notification to admin” will disable the email you get when new users sign up on your WordPress site.

Code Snippet to Disable New User Emails in WordPress

If you don’t prefer to use a plugin here’s a bit of PHP code you can use.

You can add this code snippet to your theme’s function.php file or to your site using a plugin like Code Snippets.

//Disable the new user notification sent to the site admin
function smartwp_disable_new_user_notifications() {
//Remove original use created emails
remove_action( 'register_new_user', 'wp_send_new_user_notifications' );
remove_action( 'edit_user_created_user', 'wp_send_new_user_notifications', 10, 2 );
//Add new function to take over email creation
add_action( 'register_new_user', 'smartwp_send_new_user_notifications' );
add_action( 'edit_user_created_user', 'smartwp_send_new_user_notifications', 10, 2 );
function smartwp_send_new_user_notifications( $user_id, $notify = 'user' ) {
if ( empty($notify) || $notify == 'admin' ) {
}elseif( $notify == 'both' ){
//Only send the new user their email, not the admin
$notify = 'user';
wp_send_new_user_notifications( $user_id, $notify );
add_action( 'init', 'smartwp_disable_new_user_notifications' );

And just like that you should no longer be getting those “New User Registration” emails to your admin email address. I wouldn’t recommend disabling this if your site doesn’t get a lot of signups since you’ll want to know if you’re getting an influx of users.

Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

Andy has been a full time WordPress developer for over 10 years. Through his years of experience has built 100s of sites and learned plenty of tricks along the way.

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  1. Thank you so much! These emails are so annoying I don’t get why WP is not adding an option to disable these 😕 Cheers!

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