How to Login to WordPress (Find Your WordPress Login URL)

The most important part of your WordPress site is the WordPress admin dashboard. Many people who are new to WordPress will often misplace their WordPress login URL.

This quick guide will show you how to login to your WordPress admin if you forgot the URL.

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How to Find Your WordPress Login Url

You can login to the WordPress admin dashboard with the URL below:

So if you have a new WordPress install you can access your account at that URL.

in addition to the /wp-admin/ URL you can access the WordPress login page with this URL:

You can use the username and password you set when initially setting up WordPress.

Both of these URLs will log you into WordPress.

WordPress login page

If you forgot your WordPress password you can use the “Forgot Password?” link on the WordPress login page.

Some security plugins will change your admin URL so if /wp-admin or /wp-login.php does not work we recommend disabling security plugins via FTP or asking your web host to do it.

How to Remember Your WordPress Login URL

The easiest way to remember your WordPress login URL is to bookmark it in your web browser.

Here’s how to bookmark a page in most browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Bookmarks > Bookmark This Tab
  • Firefox: Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page
  • Safari: Bookmarks > Add Bookmark
  • Edge: Click the star icon to the right of the address bar

Once you bookmark the page in your browser you’ll have easy access to your admin in your browser’s bookmarks.

Add a login link with WordPress widgets:

Once you’re logged into your admin you can add a widget to your website that has a login link using the meta widget. This can be done by going to Appearance>widgets in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Once you’re in the widgets area of your WordPress site you can drag the Meta widget to your sidebar (or footer widget area) to include a WordPress login link.

Meta widget in the WordPress widget panel

The Meta widget will include login, logout, RSS, and links.

Customizing your WordPress Login

We also have a few additional guides if you’re looking to modify your WordPress login more.

This includes changing the design of your WordPress login by customizing your login page.

Additionally if you want to hide your WordPress login page you can follow our guide to changing your WordPress login URL. This can help prevent bots from finding your WordPress login page.

If you have any questions about your WordPress admin login you can ask it in the comments below!

Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

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