20 Interesting WordPress Statistics and Fact in 2024

According to various studies to determine the best content management system (CMS), the research has shown that WordPress is among the top-rated and most used CMS. That’s because WordPress has many benefits that make people prefer it over the others systems.

For those who do not know the essential things that the CMS software can do, the CMS software can allow the user to create, edit and also publish the content easily into a web without coding.

According to the study’s results, WordPress has been voted to be among the best CMS software. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the 20 best WordPress statistics and facts that you should know.

Here are some of the most amazing WordPress statistics:

1. WordPress users create 27 new posts every second.

The amount of times a CMS is used is a great sign if you’re thinking about adopting it for your own website. WordPress is widely popular and heavily used by its users. According to WordPress.com stats which includes posts on WordPress.com sites and sites running the Jetpack plugin users publish 70 million posts a month. That is equivalent to 27 new WordPress posts published every second!

Plus many WordPress sites don’t even use the Jetpack plugin meaning the number is most likely much larger.

2. 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

One WordPress statistic that will shock you is the fact that 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This is according to w3techs which monitors technologies used on popular websites. With WordPress usage so high that might explain why WordPress has more plugins and a larger community than any other CMS.

3. 71 % of the content written on WordPress is in the English language.

The activity on WordPress.com displaying the top languages used to write content on WordPress shows that 71% of the WordPress content is written in English. The other languages that follow English are Spanish with 4.7% and the third being Indonesian with only 2.4 %. That shows that most of the users using WordPress are English speakers.

4. WordPress developers earn an average of $71,000.

According to Glassdoor the average salary for WordPress developers is $71,000 in 2022. According to that statistic, the higher end for a WordPress developer salary is $107k, and the lowest-paid developers earn $58k in the United States.

5. WordPress sites have a higher total traffic than Twitter.

Many people think that social media platforms, such as Twitter are more widely used than blogs. But the statistical data shows that this fantastic CMS software. According to research done by Comscore, it shows that the unique visitors of Twitter is around 107 million, while WordPress blogs get over 409 million visitors a month. Many people could not expect such a high number of visitors.

6. WordPress is available in over 100 different languages.

WordPress has a large translation community offering WordPress in over 100 different languages. In addition to WordPress.com and WordPress.org many plugins are offered available in different languages through WordPress’ translation system. WordPress can have various users from different parts of the world making it one of the most accessible content management systems.

7. Searching for “WordPress” in Google returns over 1.3 billion results.

Everything that WordPress entails including themes, plugins, and tutorials offer tons of results on Google. With over 1.3 billion results in Google you know that nearly any question you have about WordPress will yield a result.

8. Every month “WordPress” is searched for 2.4 million times

Different data analysis tools have been used to determine the number of times WordPress has been searched every month in search engines. The results show that in every month, WordPress is searched by a very high number of people as compared to the other CMS software.

According to the data on ahrefs, WordPress is searched 2.4 million times every month. In comparison Drupal is only searched 134,000 times a month.

Additionally you can see the Google Trends for comparing WordPress to other CMS platforms.

9. Every 6 months more than 1 million domains are registered using WordPress.

According to statistics by BuiltWith in 2015 WordPress was power 1 million new domains every 6 months. This is most likely due to the very minimal processes involved with registering a WordPress domain.

Some of the main primary reasons why people love this CMS software is due to reasons such as convenience and simple process for establishing an online presence. Whether you’re making a blog or website for your business WordPress covers most use cases when creating a content driven site.

Whether you’re using WordPress.com or self hosted WordPress it’s extremely easy to setup a WordPress site.

10. WordPress stops over 7.5 million spam messages every hour.

According to the statistics given by Akismet, they show that the Akismet WordPress plugin stops 7.5 million spam messages every hour.

In 2015 Akismet also indicated that the number of legitimate comments is 29 times lower than that of spam messages. That means WordPress get very many unsolicited messages from different spammers so using an anti-spam plugin is extremely important.

11. WordPress is used on over 38 million websites

You might ask yourself how many websites use WordPress, well according to BuiltWith that number is over 30 million websites. With this number increasing year over year it won’t be surprising when WordPress surpasses 40,000,000 websites.

12. One WordPress theme has earned over 35 million dollars.

Another surprising statistical fact about WordPress is the Avada theme sales. Avada is one of the most purchased WordPress themes. This theme has sold over 600,000 copies at a price of $60, thus enabled their team to make over $35,000,000.

13. 29% of the top 10,000 websites are powered by WordPress.

Out of the top 10,000 websites 29% of them are powered by WordPress according to BuiltWith statistics. WordPress is behind many of the top 10,000 websites showing that WordPress is a high quality CMS that can be used by sites of any scale.

14. 47% of WordPress installations use the latest version of WordPress.

It’s important to check what version of WordPress you’re using. Outdated version of WordPress can leave you vulnerable to exploits. According to statistics on WordPress.org only 47% of users are using the latest WordPress version of WordPress.

Operating on an outdated version means missing out on new features and critical security updates. These updates often fix vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, securing your site.

Thus, if you’re not using WordPress’s latest version, you must update immediately. Doing so gives you the latest features for optimal website performance and strengthens your site’s security.

Always keep WordPress updated for website security. For a smooth and safe user experience, your website must be reliable and have the latest features.

15. WordPress has hosted over 1000 WordCamps

WordCamps refer to the locally organized conferences that cover all things related to WordPress. The WordCamps are very essential since they provide WordPress users with the best knowledge about this CMS software. Since the first WordCamp that was conducted in 2006, over 1000 have taken place since then.

16. WordPress version 6.2 has been downloaded over 30,402,549 times.

The latest version of WordPress 6.2 has been downloaded over 30 million times according to their official counter. The fact that so many people and businesses have come to rely on WordPress is a testament in and of itself, but this milestone also serves to demonstrate WordPress’ dedication to adapting and improving in response to user feedback and technological developments.

17. 60,339 WordPress plugins are currently available.

According to the WordPress plugin directory, the current plugins list contains 60,339 WordPress plugins. This comprehensive database encompasses a wide range of functionality, from SEO optimization and social media integration, to contact forms, e-commerce solutions, and comprehensive website builders.

That means if you have a feature you want to add to your WordPress website there is most likely a WordPress plugin available.

18. WordPress contains 500 times fewer employees as compared to Amazon.

The statistical data shows that Amazon has 566,000 employees in the world. The surprising fact about Automattic (the team behind WordPress.com) is that they have been able to manage all those arduous tasks with very few employees. That means the employees for WordPress are committed to serving according to the great work they do regardless of their small number. WordPress employees are located in various parts of the world and manage to do their job very well.

19. The WordPress market share rises up by 5.6% every year

According to various statistical findings of the market rise of the world press every year indicate that in contrast to Joomla CMS, the WordPress market rose by 5.6 % every year.

20. WordPress.com has denied 71% of government DMCA requests.

Another fantastic fact about WordPress is that this tremendous CMS software denied the government request in the year 2022 in July.

WordPress.com has received over 107,647 government takedown requests and has only taken action of 29% of them. They publicly display this figure on their intellectual property page.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best WordPress stats that everyone should know.

Overall, since its inception in 2003, the WordPress platform has The fact that WordPress now powers more than half of all websites indicates that it will remain the most popular CMS for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or developer, you can use the information in this post to make more educated decisions and harness the full potential of the WordPress platform.

Have an interesting fact about WordPress you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Amazing post! Always great to read the original research. WordPress is literally becoming the most popular figure in the CMS industry, every 6 months more than 1 million new entries are getting registered on WordPress. I myself have been using WordPress since 2007 and absolutely love the platform.

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