How to Add Custom CSS in WordPress

Adding custom CSS your WordPress site can offer tons of customization. From changing the look of elements to removing them CSS can be used for a wide range of changes.

In this guide we’ll show you how to add custom CSS to your WordPress site using built-in options or a plugin.

Add Custom CSS to WordPress using Theme Customizer

The easiest way to add CSS to your WordPress site is to use the additional CSS option in the theme customizer.

If you’re using WordPress 4.7 (released in 2016) or a newer version you should have the options for additional CSS in your theme customizer. This can be found in Appearance/Customize.

Customize option under appearance in WordPress

Once you’re in the WordPress customizer you should see an option for additional css on the bottom of the panel.

In this panel you can add any custom CSS you have plus you’ll be able to directly preview your changes as you type.

Additional CSS area in the WordPress customizer

Best of all in the customizer you can schedule your changes as well using the gear icon next to the publish button. If you want to publish your changes directly just hit publish on the top.

Scheduling changes in WordPress customizer

Add Custom CSS to WordPress using A Plugin

If you’re using an older version of WordPress or for some reason additional CSS isn’t in your customizer you can use a plugin. Simple Custom CSS is a great option to add an option for CSS in your WordPress admin.

Simple just lookup

Simple Custom CSS Plugin

After installing the plugin you’ll see the Custom CSS option under appearance.

On this page you can add any addition CSS you have to add to your site.

Now that you know how to use CSS in WordPress you can learn CSS on sites like Codecademy, CSS-Tricks and even on YouTube.

Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

Andy has been a full time WordPress developer for over 10 years. Through his years of experience has built 100s of sites and learned plenty of tricks along the way.

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