How to Fix “The Following Required Properties Are Missing: fb:app_id” Error

If you have put your WordPress site in the Facebook debugger you may have seen the following error:

“The Following Required Properties Are Missing: fb:app_id” Error

To fix the missing Facebook App ID error from showing up you’ll need to do the following.

1. Create a Facebook App

Head to the Facebook Developer portal to make a free Facebook App:

Once on the developer portal over over “My Apps” on the top right and click “Create App”.

Facebook Create App Screen

Here you can put in your contact information and name for the App (typically your website name).

After you make your app you have to ensure it’s live and not in development mode.

2. Make Sure Your Facebook App is Live

When you first create your Facebook App you’ll see that it is in development mode on top.

Click the “In Development” button and Facebook will prompt you to add a privacy policy URL to your site.

If your site doesn’t have a privacy policy you can set up a new page and use a privacy policy generator to create one. Note that this is not legal advice but Facebook won’t let your app go live without a privacy policy.

After you put your privacy policy URL in you can click the “In Development” and your app will go live after accepting Facebook’s terms.

3. Use Yoast SEO to Set fb:app_id

Now that you have a live Facebook app you can set your App ID in Yoast SEO. Many SEO plugins will let you add your Facebook App ID but for this example, we’ll be using Yoast.

Simply head to SEO/Social

Once you’re on this page head to the Facebook tab and you’ll see an option to paste your Facebook App ID.

If your Facebook App is live and you did everything correctly after saving the page you’ll see no error.

Now that you’ve successfully added your Facebook App ID to your site ensure your site’s cache is cleared and test the site again in the Facebook Debugger.

If the page is cached in Facebook you may have to click “Scrape Again” for Facebook to retest your page.

Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

Andy has been a full time WordPress developer for over 10 years. Through his years of experience has built 100s of sites and learned plenty of tricks along the way.

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